Originally named Durovernum by the Romans, then Cantwarabyrig by the Saxons, Canterbury, despite its relatively small size, remains to this day one of England's finest cities. It is no surprise that it is one of England's top tourist attractions and is busy year round with people from all over the world, eager to get a sense of the city's incredible history. Just Coach Hire can provide you with first class travel to and from Canterbury and help you to navigate the wealth of historical attractions on offer, without getting lost in all the crowds. Travelling by coach provides the freedom to jump on and off at the edges of the city and at the corners of the hundreds of medieval streets and alleyways, and also Just Coach Hire will guide you to the best spots to amble around the city's ancient walls. Soak in the sites of bloody murder and martyrdom of Thomas Beckett and spend hours walking around the vast and incredible home of the Anglican Church, Canterbury Cathedral. From its early gothic architecture to its quiet spiritual calm to the thousands of years of English history (both good and bad), contained within its walls, it is little wonder that the Cathedral and its surrounds are listed as a World Heritage Site. Canterbury is a city filled with history, from the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey, destroyed in the Dissolution, to St Martin's Church, to the West Gate Museum and the Roman Museum; Canterbury has enough to keep you busy for days. But when your feet get tired of your own Canterbury pilgrimage Just Coach Hire will whisk you away to your hotel on the outskirts of the city. Coach Hire allows you the freedom to enjoy the city's modern nightlife set amongst all that history, delivering you safely home at the end of the night. More importantly, coach hire gives you access to the incredible attractions on the outskirts of Canterbury, in Kent, the wonderful ˜Garden of England Coach Hire is simply the best way to appreciate the lush farmland of Kent, from the hundreds of miles of ancient fruit orchards and vineyards (yes, vineyards!) to the faded grandeur of the old seaside resorts. Travelling by coach means you can experience days out at hop farms and Oast Houses and indulge in as many samples of Kentish ale as you see fit. From Dover's white cliffs, to day trips to France by ferry or the famous tunnel; from Chartwell (the home of Winston Churchill) to Leeds and Hever Castles; from Broadstairs and the holiday home of Charles Dickens, to the wonderful gardens at Sissinghurst; finally through the North and South Downs to the rolling hills and forest of the Kentish Weald, let Just Coach Hire show you the very best of Canterbury and The Garden of England.