Do you need transport for a really big group of people. While hiring a fleet of coaches is always an option, it presents its own difficulties: travelling in convoy is difficult, particularly in larger vehicles, and your party is likely to get split up over any significant distance and could end up arriving at your destination at substantially different times. Instead, why not travel together in comfort with one of our fantastic double decker coaches? Utilising clever design features, our double decker coaches create ample room for up to 80 passengers over two levels, with ample space for luggage left over. Planning a school trip? Our double deckers are a fantastic solution that allow teachers and supervisors to pool their resources rather than splitting them between multiple vehicles and risk becoming overwhelmed. Organising a big day out? Choosing a double decker ensures that everyone can travel together, avoiding any potential disagreements about who gets to sit where. ` All of our double decker coaches come fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey, including on-board toilet facilities, state-of-the art entertainment systems, three point seatbelts and more. What's more, you'll enjoy the services of your own dedicated driver experienced in handling these large vehicles across any terrain so you can relax and enjoy the ride. For more information about our great deals on double decker coach hire, check out today.