Coach Hire for Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is held annually in the grounds of Goodwood House situated in West Sussex, England. The festival is commonly known as FoS (Festival of Speed) throughout the United Kingdom. It attracts streamline media and audiences from all over the Europe to West Sussex during the festival days. The event is always scheduled in July or June to avoid any possible clash with the Formula 1 calendar, making it possible for fans to attend the event despite busy months for Formula 1. This also enables teams participating in the Formula 1 Championship to display their speed tricks at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The festival is help by Charles Gordon-Lennox, who is Earl of March and Kinrara. The festival includes 1.86 km of hill climb including 9 turns, and forest rally stage with a track of 2.5 km. Nick Heidfeld holds the record for fastest lap. He made the record in 1999 while driving a McLaren. The festival is known for exclusive display of machines from the racing world, including older machines known for their speed during their times. Some of the latest F1 machines also run through the climb the hill' track to display the improvements in racing tech over the years. Some of the world's most renowned racers from present as well as past come to race in this event. The drivers also drive different cars giving the audience a chance to see them in something different than usual. The festival has been attracting record audiences throughout its history, with 158,000 attending the festival in 2003. However, the event has fallen in popularity since then not recording numbers above 150,000 after 2003. Critics blame the low ticket sale on advanced ticket system that only allows admission to the people with advance tickets. Since 2000, the festival has been holding a Sunday Times Supercar Run, attracting major crowds. The event allows specialty car manufacturers from around the world to show off their latest models at the event to a huge audience. The cars racing during this specific event include some of the latest sports models as well as fantast models built specifically for speed racing. Wacky Races, featuring real life replicas, entertain crowds at the festival. This event is usually held during the lunchtime. Air display has also been a specialty of the event featuring Red Arrows, RAF Tornado, and even low-flying Boeings. A low flying Airbus displayed showed up at 2008 event. You can expect something new this year since this is going to be a big year for motor sport as well as speed racing with many concept cars expected to make it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. If you are also looking to attend the Festival of Speed this year, you can buy tickets online. You can also book your travel partners online. You can choose to take a coach to the event. You will love traveling in luxury coach keeping your comfortable during the journey. You can get quotes for coach hire by clicking the link at top. You will just have to fill a simple form and send it back to us with all the necessary information added to the form. We will then contact you through email and send quotes according to your needs. Our quotes are guaranteed to stand out with their exceptional prices and services attached with coach hire. You can compare our quotes with other coach hire companies before you use them. You will notice the amazing price discounts that you will not get anywhere else. You can also get personal quotes for traveling to Goodwood Festival of Speed. You just have to call us to get these personal quotes. Once you call us, we will help you with rest of the things. Our coach hire agent will help you with coach hire for Goodwood Festival of Speed by offering tailor made quotes according to your needs and requirements. If you are unsure about your coach hire related requirements, leave it to us. Give us details of your journey and we will come up with the best possible quotes for the event, keeping your requirements in mind. Click above now to get these special coach hire quotes for Festival of Speed.