The Ryder Cup is one of major golf events around the world. It is known for its highly competitive as well as controversial matches. Teams from Europe and United States compete against each other during the competition. PGA America and PGA Europe manage the tour as joint administration of the cup. The venue of the tournament alternates between Europe and United States every year. The Ryder Cup gathers huge sums of money from TV and tickets. However, no player gets any of it since they play for the victory only. This is probably the biggest event of this nature in entire professional sport. The competition has a long history of highly competitive matches starting back in 1927 with an American team of professionals competing against their counterparts from Europe. The first happening of this event was relatively smaller and unknown to the world around. However, the Cup started gaining huge exposure during the preceding years, especially after the Second World War when the English decided to make a strong impact on the tournament by gathering better players from an extended European region. The event started gaining massive success with live audiences as well as TV audiences after 1980s when organizers decided to change the format of the tournament allowing more teams from Europe, essentially making it harder for Americans to run away with the accolades each year. Half the events have been help in the U.S while the other half in the UK, with the exception of two events during 1997 and 2006. The hosts were Spain and Ireland during these years, respectively. During the last decade, Europe has strengthened its grip on the victory stand by winning on six occasions out of last eight meetings between the continents. However, America is making a strong case with its high profile players this year. Two teams participate in the Ryder Cup, each comprising of twelve players. Players from one team are arranged to play against the other in various matches. Total number of matches varies each year but the current format allows for 12 single matches, eight fourball matches while eight foursome matches. Anyone who wins the match takes a point home for its team. For any match that ends up in a tie after 18 holes, each player takes a half point for the team. The Ryder Cup has a complex tournament format with a total of 28 matches played between the teams with eight matches held on Friday, four fourball in the morning while four foursome matches in the evening. Saturday has similar schedule whereas Sunday gets 12 matches, all of them being single matches between players from opposing teams. This format permits the team captain to select any eight players to play on Friday and Saturday whereas everyone gets a shot on Sunday. This format puts enough power and prestige in the hands of team captain. If you are going to the Ryder Cup this year, you should start by booking your tickets in advance. You may have problems getting the tickets at the last moment due to the increasing popularity of the event. You can easily get tickets online. You can also get your tickets from the designated agencies. Apart from tickets, you should also arrange for transportation. You may have to search for the best and the cheapest transportation before you take any deal. Usually, you will get the best rates with coach hire companies since coaches are cheaper than other means of transportation. You can find your coach hire quotes with us. Just enter the relevant information in a form that will appear once you click the link at top. You can easily fill the form within a minute and send it back to us. We will quickly send quotes to your email. You can choose between various kinds of services including luxury coaches. Even if you need a custom tailored quote, you can get it instantly by calling our number. You can find it on the top of the page. Our coach hire expert will help you to choose the right quotes according to your needs. You will enjoy the quality of customer support as well as the quality of coaches you hire.